Stopping advertising to save money is a nonsense, just like stopping your watch to save time!

Today the Web is the main channel through which you can present your company,

improve the brand awareness and develop new business activities.

Web presence is crucial, but quality is what makes the difference!

The true value of your website!

Positioning on search engines.

Why should a company do S.E.O. activities? There are thousand reasons, but the most important ones are engaging leads and improving visibility. There is no point in having a website which is not browsed by anyone! So, it is essential to understand how to allocate properly the budget for online activities, since most of the times having a beautiful and effective website is not enough: your business needs to be popular for turning users into customers. Engaging new leads is guaranteed only through a right balance between positioning on search engines, communication, graphics and usability.

A link network to support
your site.

A tailored network!

Effective SEO techniques must be combined with wisely planned Link Building activities. Link Building allows the company to improve search results as well as to generate more traffic from search engines. Naxa plans and manages tailored Link Building activities - which can be easily monitored by the clients themselves through regular reports - in order to enhance SEO strategies.

Pay per Click
Advertising tailored for your company.

We catch the attention of your audience!

How do we design your Pay Per Click campaign? First, we define goals that meet your needs; then we select the right target audience and the most suitable keywords for the specific purpose; after that we create interesting and attractive textual contents that capture users’ attention; finally we build landing pages or microsites designed to increase the conversion rate. During the campaign we provide absolute availability, since we monitor regularly your web activities and optimize site performance, providing you with a detailed report.

Social Media Marketing
Enhance brand awareness

Word of Mouth is the future of your company

We engage leads on social networks, holding and managing online conversations. We improve brand awareness generating buzz on several social channels such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram ... We analyze the results and allocate properly the invested resources in order to make your brand visible and accessible. We promote advertising campaigns on social networks to enhance your brand visibility.

Email Marketing
Reach your potential customers!

A spam-proof strategy of email marketing.

E-mail Marketing is the easiest way to reach your potential customers directly, no matter what your specific sector is. Having a customized and optimized graphics that catches eye attention is the first step to increase returns. Through our e-mail service you can reach millions of targeted people, who will receive commercial email with interesting news about your company. This strategy allow you to optimize returns with a tailored communication! Choose our service of spam-proof email marketing for your communications!

Web Sites Looks also counts!

The suitable graphics for your company.

You need to choose only the best for your website and rely on skilled web designers who are able to combine masterfully design and usability! We analyze users’ needs and take into account your goals during the whole website creation process; we produce eye-catching customized layouts, which carry the core values and the characteristics of your company; we develop your site through accessible and implementable programming languages. Contents are important too, so we edit valuable contents aimed at communicating with users directly and effectively.

A good website is attractive, effective, easy and fast to browse, so we offer a service of online maintenance as well as a constant updating of your website.

Ecommerce Enhance the value of your products online!

A unique shopping experience for
your customers.

Engage immediately your users with an interesting and well-finished e-commerce site. We create websites suitable for online sales, where products are attractively showcased with faithful, appealing, high-resolution images. Accompany your customers in a simple, intuitive and secure buying experience.

Your site available on any device.

Reach your users everywhere!

Today more and more people prefer surfing the Internet via mobile, for this reason we create mobile versions of websites for smartphones and tablets with any operating system and any screen resolution. We also develop suitable APPs for a wide range of services in order to meet client needs and let them interact with their customers’ lives.

Make your visitors feel important!

Communicate directly with them.

You will be able to contact users and send them an immediate and accurate feedback thanks to an integrated chat on your site. Our live chat is easy to use and allows you to establish a direct connection with the customers; moreover it relates your company to clients with customized and traceable reports, due to the chat integration with statistical systems.

Web Statistics
We keep a check on the progress of your site.

Real-time statistics.

Stay up to date on the progress about users’ traffic on your website! We are able to provide a detailed analysis of traffic on your site, using advanced analytic tools and checking statistics out on real time. We monitor on a daily basis natural positioning, access trends, geographical sources and returns through an accurate analysis of Google Analytics. Thanks to our reporting tools we can optimize promptly marketing campaigns of your brand.

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